Day 2 and 3


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Me,mummy and Jenna was holding a snake. Everyone was holding a wombat. We all saw some mummy kangaroos and all so saw baby kangaroos, me, daddy,Jenna and mummy.


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Day 3

The boat was unsteady so the boat kept crashing side to side. I was very very scared. First thing that we saw was a quokka, it’s a combination between a rat and a wallaby. The villa was right near  the beach. There were balls around the sea because there were sting rays.


9 thoughts on “Day 2 and 3”

  1. Hi Joel
    I think your writing is good and i love the picture.
    I want to know more if possible please?
    I have never been to Australia.


  2. Your villa sounds amazing but I am not sure about the sting rays! I think I might of been a bit scared on the boat. Keep up your writing, it’s lovely hearing all about your time there. Love Grandma. X x


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