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Hi my name is Joel. I’m going to tell you about my trip to Australia.

Day 11



Today,we went to Freeo to see a festival. First we watched a clown who showed his bum! Next,we went to a trapeze show. Then we went to a park and I felt and hurt my self. That evening i practiced my pole dancing and it’s on Facebook Now!

Day 10

On day 10, we went to Yanchep National Park, when we got out of the car we could hear lots of different bird sounds. When we looked up there were lots of black billed cockatoos and the noises the birds were making were horrible.


We did an autumn adventure hunt and found a tree that’s trunk looked like it was painted in army colours, we think it was a gum tree. We saw lots of wild kangaroos, we found out a group of kangaroos is called a troop, mob or court.






Day 7,8 and 9

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Today we went to a chalet at ledge point. First, we went go karting and went all the way to the chalet! Secondly we jumped on a inflatable pillow. The next day,we went to the pool and I fell over. Then we worked out at a park. Then we watched the good dinosaur and inside out. The third day,we went to the pinnacles then McDonalds. Then we went to a different park with a friend called jack. Then i held Jayson jacks little brother. THEN it was PIZZA TIME.

Day 6



I went bungee jumping on day 6 at Hillarys. Before that we saw some cockatoos or some parrots. We didn’t quite know which one. We went on TWO beaches.

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Day 5



Today we went to kings park to meet mummy’s old friends. I learnt some Australian rules football. We saw some metal Dinosaur,there was also some freezing  cold sprinkler. We had a barbeque in the park, they have barbeques ready built in the park for you!


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Day 2 and 3


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Me,mummy and Jenna was holding a snake. Everyone was holding a wombat. We all saw some mummy kangaroos and all so saw baby kangaroos, me, daddy,Jenna and mummy.


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Day 3

The boat was unsteady so the boat kept crashing side to side. I was very very scared. First thing that we saw was a quokka, it’s a combination between a rat and a wallaby. The villa was right near  the beach. There were balls around the sea because there were sting rays.